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USAF-1951 test chart scanner resolution

Target for determining the scanner resolution

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USAF-1951 test chart scanner resolution

Hardly any film scanner or flat bed scanner attains an effective resolution as quoted in its spec sheet. With the USAF-1951 test chart you can easily detect the actual resolution by yourself. By means of black lines which are decreasing in size, it is possible to determine resolutions up to 11.500 ppi.


  • Scan the USAF-1951 test target with the scanner's highest possible optical resolution
  • Save the scanned image and open it with image editing software
  • Zoom into 100% view
  • Analyse the horizontal and vertical black lines if they distinguish from the background
  • See the lines-corresponding resolution from the resolution table
The transparent can either be put directly onto the glass panel (flat bed scanner, film holders with glass) or in a 35mm slide mount.
You can find detailed information about determining the effective resolution with the USAF-1951 test chart on our website about resolution of film scanners.
Important: Please, handle the target with care. If you put the target into a slide frame or onto the scanner, please, use cotton gloves or suitable tweezers. Clean the target with compressed air or an antistatic brush before scanning so that the result will not be disturbed by dust and dirt. You can find recommended accessories at the bottom of this page.

Scope of delivery

  • USAF-1951 test chart as not mounted transparent
Recommended accessories
During the period of use more and more dust and dirt sets on the contact surface and the corners of a film holder. Consequently dust gets on the film material and into the scanner. Hence the film holder should be cleaned again and again. The easiest way is simply brushing the film holder with an anti static brush, which not only removes the dust but also removes electric charges. Discharging is important because electric charge adducts dust as is generally known. Kinetronics anti static brushes are available in different sizes.
When working with film strips it can often happen that you accidentally touch the emulsion side of the film. The damage often is irreparable. You can avoid damages to the film material and comfortably insert film strips into the scanner or film holder by wearing fine cotton gloves.
Anti-dust spray is used to clean film material - no matter if it's mounted slides or film strips - by removing dust and fluffs with a flimsy current of air without touching the film material at all. There is no better, more comfortable and more efficient way to clean your film material.
For working with single negatives or positives we highly recommend using tweezers, because otherwise you run the risk of touching and damaging the film.
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