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LaserSoft Imaging IT-8 Target extended transparency 35mm Fuji

Extended target set with 3 Fuji 35mm slides

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LaserSoft Imaging IT-8 Target extended transparency 35mm Fuji

Advanced 3-slides IT-8 targets for creating individual ICC profiles of scanners for professional color management. LaserSoft Imaging has a very high quality IT8 target production. Large manufacturers use LaserSoft Imaging's targets for their worldwide production and are impressed by the high quality.
These IT8 calibration targets are three 35 mm slides in a standard slide frame (5 x 5 cm). The IT-8 targets are on Fuji film, making them ideal for creating ICC profiles for Fuji films. The Fuji IT8 targets are also better suited for Agfa films than a Kodak IT8 target, as Agfa films have similar properties to Fuji films. Requirement for the execution of the IT-8 calibration is a calibration software like SilverFast Ai.
You can find detailed information about IT-8 colour calibration and colour management on our SilverFast website and colour management website.
As you can read in our review the extended targets don't have any advantages compared to the standard targets. That's why we recommend the standard target as a cheaper alternative.

Benefits of LaserSoft Imaging IT-8 targets

  • Higher precision than other manufacturers because smaller units are produced and calibrated
  • Significant higher dynamic range
  • A barcode on the target enables automatic detection of the according reference file (LaserSoft Imaging patent)

Scope of delivery

  • LaserSoft Imaging enhanced 3-slide color calibration target set IT8 transparency Fuji
Recommended accessories
Before you perform a colour calibration with an IT-8 target you should clean the target carefully in order to avoid fault measurements due to dust. For cleaning IT-8 targets we recommend an anti-static brush from Kinetronics. With an anti-static brush you can make a careful and professional cleaning and you remove static loads from the film material, and you avoid, respectively, that it charges up with static loads during the cleaning process.
x-rite i1 Scanner is a software, which can produce an input profile for a scanner with the help of an IT-8 target. Therefore the IT-8 target will be scanned with a scan software and read by the i1 scanner software. By comparing the read colour fields with those of a reference file a scanner profile will be computed and saved. This scanner profile can then be used by different scan programs (EpsonScan, Canon-ScanGear, SilverFast, Vuescan) as an input profile.
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