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Hasselblad Flextight X1

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Hasselblad Flextight X1

The Flextight X1 model should serve most photographers’ needs. Quality is unsurpassed, it is fast and it can take care of most kinds of originals. And, as with any other scanner in this family, it is easy to use.
A vertical optical system allows the CCD to face downwards, creating a glassfree optical path between the original and the lens. The patented virtual drum solution produces optimal focusing across the entire original and the flexible holder guarantees easy mounting and safe and secure handling of your originals. The components used in both Flextight scanners are basically the same, meaning that whichever solution you choose, the quality level is virtually identical. Differences between the models are more a matter of features and capabilities, especially with regards to productivity.
Hasselblad has stopped the production of the Flextight scanners in May 2019; there are no successors. As an alternative we recommend the Nikon Super CoolScan 9000 ED or our Flextight Scan-Service.
Hasselblad scanners: freedom from choice
The freedom not to have to choose between digital or film, for instance. The freedom to use whatever capture medium works best for a particular shoot or situation. And whether you choose to shoot film because the elements are against you or for creative reasons, with the new generation of Hasselblad scanners you know that you’ll be able to get your images safely into the digital world – wherever they began – with every subtle detail embedded in your negs and chromes accurately reproduced.
Sharpness and resolution
Even though you can find scanners with larger sensors you will not find better clarity and detail rendition when scanning photographic film. That is due to the electronic handling of the sensor, the mechanical precision as well as the quality of filters and the resolving power of the Rodenstock lens. The Flextight scanners are not only a piece of art seen from the outside the entire machinery is saturated with excellent solutions.
Keeping it cool
Heat reduction solutions are another example of features not found on lower range scanners. By removing the power supply outside the scanner and using a cold cathode light tube, which produces very little infrared waves, Hasselblad scanners eliminate two common sources of heat-related noise.
The Unique 3F Workflow
When selecting the 3F file format in automatic scan mode, images are scanned at a specified resolution of 16 bits per color. In this way the full color range of the original is extracted from the scan. The 3F file is never altered but acts as a sort of "preview scan" when you open it later, enabling you to re-do all operations or change any parameter you wish. Consider it like re-scanning, but without the film original present.
Furthermore – every time you save a file from the 3F format, your action history is embedded in the 3F file, which enables you to repeat these actions whenever you like. The 3F workflow also allows you to produce final TIFF images, cropped and corrected, with a single click of a button.


  • Up to 6300 dpi
    6300 dpi is more than you need in most cases and even though you can find scanners with higher optical resolution you will not find better clarity and detail rendition when scanning photographic film. This is due to the electronic handling of the sensor, the mechanical precision as well as the quality of filters and the resolving power of the Rodenstock lens.
  • Up to 60 MB per minute
    The Flextight X1 is an unusually efficient scanner that will carry out most tasks quickly and easily. The easy to mount FlexHolder system produces a very high throughput. As the electronics run at a low frequency, no Peltier cooling device is needed.
  • Batch scanning capabilities
    With the FlexHolder system you either mount several originals in one holder or a film strip of 4 or 6 images. In that way you can utilize the advanced batch scanning capabilities scanning up to 6 images in one go. Alternatively, you can utilize the unique 3F scanning feature.
  • The 3F file and workflow
    If you mount a film strip and press the 3F auto scan button the scanner will automatically detect and crop each image and save it with different names. The images are scanned in a specified resolution at 16 bit per color. In this way the full range of the original is extracted from the scan. The 3F file is never altered but will act as a "preview scan" when you open it later and you can re-do all operations and change whatever parameter you like. This is exactly like re-scanning but without the film original present.


  • Optical sensor: CCD (3x8000)
  • Dmax: 4,6
  • Max. optical resolution: 6300 dpi (35 mm), 3200 dpi (60 mm), 2040 dpi (4"x5")
  • Original type: Neg/Pos
  • Film format: up to 120x245mm
  • Color depth: 16 bit
  • Reflection: No
  • Auto frame detection: Yes
  • Active cooling: No
  • Auto focus: Yes
  • Flextouch: Yes
  • Batch scanning: Yes
  • 3F scan initiated directly on scanner: Yes
  • Batch- and slide feeder compatibility: No
  • Light condensator: No
  • Interface: Firewire
  • Dimensions: 230x390x650mm
  • Weight: 20,5kg
  • Platform: PC/Mac

Scope of delivery

  • Hasselblad Flextight X1 scanner
  • Hasselblad standard 35mm original holder 24x36 + 36x24 (24x35)
  • Hasselblad standard medium format original holder 6x6 + 6x4,5 (57x57 + 57x42)
  • Hasselblad standard large format original holder 4x5 (94x119)
  • Scan software FlexColor
  • Focus calibration slide
  • DVD with instructions and video tutorials
  • Power supply unit
  • FireWire cable
Recommended accessories
We have all Flextight film holders always in stock. You can find these and other accessories in our Hasselblad accessories product category.
We advice to use the Hasselblad original holder 6x4,5 (57x45) for scanning 4,5x6cm medium formats instead of the Hasselblad standard original holder 6x6 + 6x4,5 (57x57 + 57x42) which is included in the scope of delivery because the films can be scanned with 4000dpi instead of only 3200dpi.
When working with film strips it can often happen that you accidentally touch the emulsion side of the film. The damage often is irreparable. You can avoid damages to the film material and comfortably insert film strips into the scanner or film holder by wearing fine cotton gloves.
Anti-dust spray is used to clean film material - no matter if it's mounted slides or film strips - by removing dust and fluffs with a flimsy current of air without touching the film material at all. There is no better, more comfortable and more efficient way to clean your film material.
For working with single negatives or positives we highly recommend using tweezers, because otherwise you run the risk of touching and damaging the film.
Those who work with digital images - no matter if they come from a digital camera or from a film scanner - should absolutely calibrate their screen. Without a screen calibration performed with objective criteria you run the risk of wrongly adjusting the settings of the scan or the image editing software, which makes the image look right on your screen, but will cause unnatural alienated colours on other output devices (printer, image service, new screen).
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