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Reflecta LED light pad A4 plus 31x21 cm dimmable

Illuminated area 31 x 21 cm, adjustable colour temperature

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Reflecta LED light pad A4 plus 31x21 cm dimmable

The new reflecta light panel A4 has a viewing area sized 310 x 210 mm, so that 24 mounted 35mm slides can be viewed at the same time. The LED lamps provide consistent illumination of the viewing area, which means that also the border areas can be used for viewing transparencies.
As you can read in our Review about the light pad Reflecta A4+ the button on the light panel serves both for switching the light panel on and off and for changing the colour temperature and for setting the dimmer for the illumination.
The sleek design is creditable - this light panel integrates very well in a modern working environment due to its very low thickness.
You can find further information and a shopping guide for light panels on our website about light panels.


  • Viewing Area 310 x 210 mm
  • Adjustable illumination
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Surface Material Polycarbonate-Panels
  • Light Source LED
  • CRI = 90
  • Color Temperature ca. 3000K / 5000K / 8000K
  • Power Supply 5V 2A
  • Rated Power 10W
  • Power Interface Micro-USB
  • Net Weight 640g

Scope of delivery

  • LED Light Pad A4+
  • Power supply
  • Adapter Micro USB Cable
  • User‘s Manual
Recommended accessories
For the cleaning of the light panel we recommend the anti static cloth from Kinetronics. With that you can remove effectively dust and fluffs from the surface of the light panel. Furthermore, electrostatic charges, which adduct and hold dust, are discharged. So you can avoid that film material gets dirty when putting on the light panel.
With the help of an anti static brush you can clean a surface (film or light panel surface) from dust and fluffs and discharge electric charges at the same time. Discharging is important because electric charge adducts dust as is generally known. Kinetronics anti static brushes are available in different sizes.
If the glass surface of a scanner or a light panel is covered with strong dust we recommend the use of the Kinetronics cleaning fluid PLCD. That's a high value cleaning fluid, which has been developed especially for the cleaning of optical glasses and glass surfaces. With a couple of drops you can effectively remove dust and dirt.
When working with film strips it can often happen that you accidentally touch the emulsion side of the film. The damage often is irreparable. You can avoid damages to the film material and comfortably insert film strips into the scanner or film holder by wearing fine cotton gloves.
Anti-dust spray is used to clean film material - no matter if it's mounted slides or film strips - by removing dust and fluffs with a flimsy current of air without touching the film material at all. There is no better, more comfortable and more efficient way to clean your film material.
For working with single negatives or positives we highly recommend using tweezers, because otherwise you run the risk of touching and damaging the film. With such a pair of tweezers which have special flattened blades you can very comfortably put on films on the light panel and sort them.
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